Clinic Tour


Our friendly reception staff will help you with scheduling, checking in and out from your appointments, filling your pets medications, and getting the nutraceutical products your fur kid may need.

Exam Room

Our cozy, well appointed exam room offer a private area for owners and their pets to decompress a little before the doctors come in and examine them. A variety of treats are available for your pet, while pamphlets are available for both information and entertainment! (We also have coloring books for anyone interested!)

Outdoor Run

We have two very sturdy and reinforced outdoor runs for our boarding patients. Boarders are all taken out a minimum of four times per day, so they get plenty of fresh air and exercise. We also have our kennel staff disinfect and sanitize the runs every time a boarder enters the runs, to help control and prevent the spread of any diseases being transferred between our boarders. 

Treatment Room

Our treatment room is the busiest room in the hospital, and is at the heart of this practice. It is well equipped to handle everyday vaccinations and blood draws, too complicated emergency cases. We have cages present for our critical patients that allow them to be constantly monitored and loved on by the all of our staff.


Our radiology area has the latest technology to assist our doctors in diagnosing and treating our patients. We have digital radiography and ultrasound, along with the proper tools to show the radiographs to clients, along with the ability to send x-rays to other hospitals that the patient has been referred to.


Our sterile surgery suite is equipped with everything we need to take care of your four footed family members. We have a wireless, bluetooth patient monitoring system with multiple screens that broadcast our patients vitals

to everyone on the anesthetic team. Along with conventional surgery we have endoscopy for less invasive procedures as warranted.



Our dental area offers contemporary equipment like digital dental radiographs, high-speed air powered drill, and ultrasonic scaler that allows our highly experienced Doctors and surgery techs to grant your pet the highest level of care, along with exceptional proficiency at cleaning and extracting your pets teeth.